Canon G1 X - ISO 800 (JPG from RAW in Lightroom4)

My new Canon G1 X

In order to complete my set of cameras, I was looking for a “small”, more “under the radar” camera. Still, I want to have sufficient image quality – even though it’s a “Point and Shoot” camera.

A couple of weeks ago, Canon has released its update to the G12 model: the new G1 X.

I have read lots of reviews on this new camera. You’ll find countless of them on the internet. As said before: The most important point for me is the image quality. And in this respect, I have to say that I am impressed.

Have a look at this untreated image (only converted from RAW to JPG in Lightroom 4, and cropped (not re-sized!) to reduce image size), taken handheld at 800ISO:

Canon G1 X – ISO 800 (JPG from RAW in Lightroom4)

I’ll have more time to play around with my new toy next week. I’ll post a more detailed review in the next days!