iPhone App Peak Finder

Yesterday I have been contacted by an agency about a photo they had bought via iStockphoto.
For following image they wanted to know “where was this taken”?


I had prviously written a review on the iPhone app Peak Finder. In this case I just pinned the location from where the photo was taken and was able to send following details:


“I like” ;-)

iPhone App: Peak Finder (Alps)

Just found another cool iPhone App: Peak Finder (Alps). It provides you realtime information on the mountains surrounding you. As an example, here a photo I took last year in the Swiss Alps:

And here the result from Peak Finder, when I enter the exact same viewpoint:

iPhone 4 tripod mount

Just in case you thought/looked after the same: The new iPhone, with its quite acceptable photo capabilities but in particular for its HD video quality just scream for an option to get mounted on a tripod. This will make the video look much more pro than the usual shaky handled motion.

First I thought to DIY, but then I found this mount for only 10USD:

Very simple but very effective. You just slip the iPhone (3 or 4) in and you’re ready to screw it on almost any mini or maxi tripod.

For even greater versatility I use it with a GorillaPod that stands, hangs, grips almost everywhere…

The mount ships from the US and shipping (3USD) only took a week. Check out http://iphone-tripodholder.com/ for details! Cheers!

NB: No, I’m not paid by them, and no, my main camera gear is still Canon :-)